Written By: Austin Livingood, Justin Mosteller, Robbie Reider, Aaron Hunt
© 2019 Great Day To Die Works / Mom Played Dad Sang and I Made Music / Sea Eagle Music (BMI), Great Day To Die Music / Goose and Elder Publishing / Ross Victory Publishing (ASCAP)
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VERSE 1 In the shadow of giants, at the edge of the sea In the dark with the lions, and every wall that faces me When the fear is surrounding, and the roar of an enemy Your voice will be louder with the promise of victory

PRE CHORUS I’m ready … I’m ready …

CHORUS For impossible miracles Found in You, found in You The victory You’ve won for me Is found in You, found in You

VERSE 2 When I’m standing in fire, and the grave knows my name When I’m arrested in shackles, my freedom is praise To the One who is constant, to the One who remains The King of forever with power to save

BRIDGE I’m ready to receive it, to move and believe it Lord let Your kingdom come, Lord let Your kingdom come I’m ready to see it, Your power reveal it Lord let Your will be done, Lord let Your will be done

CHORUS Is found in You, found in You Is found in You, found in You