The single “You Are Able,” captured live as a part of the 2018 release “One Rainy Night,” is the result, simply, of gratefulness. In our fast-paced world where nearly everything is vying for our attention, it can be powerful to take a look around at all the good one has and consider where it came from. James 1:17 says that, “Every good and perfect gift comes from God.” So when the song alludes to the weight we carry and needs we need met, the simple chorus builds and reminds us of the truth of the song: “Thankful, I am thankful. When I cannot, You are able.”

Written By: Austin Livingood, Chris Riddle, Kirsten Carey, Robbie Reider
© 2018 Great Day To Die Music / Goose and Elder Publishing (ASCAP), Great Day To Die Works / Mom Played Dad Sang and I Made Music (BMI).

All Rights Reserved. Used by Permission.